Added on by Archer Dougherty.

The maw of trees opens wide

I turn

My feet rest on the path beside

A valley. Its bottom

Of rivers and rocks and trees

Erasing itself

Ahead of the phantom evening

A desperate fling

Out of the world behind. 


Stones shift under my weight.

The twilight chases down

The silhouette - a velvet

Red against the mountainside.

The fiery pillar of the sinking sun

Holding up the sky

Lights the dancing sparks that lift

And glide

Melting into the soft folds of night.


A shadow bearing my shape


And slides beneath my feet

Pulling itself over the edge

Growing and slinking into the weight

Of rocks

And branches and leaves

As the red sighs and sinks behind me. 


A halo of darker shadow

A presence beside

My fingers twitch.

The soft shock of touch

And sound. 

'Are you coming?'


The red swallows itself - then


Silent shapes blend

Into a mass of dark against dark

Then emerge again

To wait and to watch

A tremulous fractious mass

Straddling the sky and the earth. 


My shadow cast

Down the mountain, longing

Into the silence echo the quiet

Words - 

                 'Are you coming?