Added on by Archer Dougherty.

The cracked green teacup sits

On its plate.

It no longer fits

In the small space - for which

It was intended. 


The constant cold

And constant heat

An oscillation between extremes

Has transformed its chemistry. 


The same tepid temperature

Would have kept

It whole. Careful, considered.



The winding rift is a road

Of intensity.

The cup has contained 

The fluctuations of a lifetime

And endured the ebb and flow

Of eternity. 


Melting into the ferocity

Of existence

Leaping from pole to pole

Flashing through the distant


Every scintillation, every vibration

A vicious delight - 


Finally on its perfect finish, so ordinary 

One small breach.

And a gentle refusal to sit inside

Where it once sat, so comfortably.